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By | April 6, 2017

After having some issues with council tax liability with a previous landlord, I decided to post my issue on the MSE forums in the hope of getting some advice on how to deal with my upcoming tribunal hearing for Council Tax liability.

Within a few hours I received a really helpful message from Craig at LGFA92. He provided me with some great information regarding the way the tribunal works and what I can expect on the day. I emailed Craig at LGFA92 directly to speak about my problem further. During this time, he offered to put together a document that I could send to the tribunal outlining all important details. I sent Craig all of my supporting evidence and within a day or so I received my drafted case in an email. I was extremely impressed with how efficiently and professionally my problem was dealt with. I was given realistic advice and feel so much better about my pending hearing.

I would definitely recommend LGFA92 to any friends or family who may be having a similar problem. It’s a no brainer really!

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