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school leaverThe School Leaver Council Tax disregard is one of the least known, and least claimed, Council Tax reductions that is available. Only a small percentage of those who are eligible actually claim the disregard.

Who is eligible as a School Leaver ?

A School Leaver is a person (aged 18 years or older and under 20 years of age) who has left school after 30 April of that year after studying at A Level or lower and the course met the criteria of a qualifying course of education. This person is then disregarded until 31 October of the same year. Although intended to cover any gap between school and college/university there is no requirement for the person to actually be intending on going back in to education, in other words they can claim the reduction no matter what they do. It can be claimed even if the person decides to work for the entire 6 month period.

What is a qualifying course of education ?

A course of education of A-level or below and which lasts 3 months or more and is usually undertaken between 8am and 5.30 pm. The student must be made aged between 18 and 20 years.


A course of education at A-level or above and which is undertaken for at least 24 weeks of an academic (or calendar) year and which requires you to undertake work,study or tuition for at least 21 hours per week. The student must be made aged 18 years or over.

What reduction can I get ?

Anyone is who is classed as a School Leaver is not taken in to account. This means that they are ‘disregarded’ when Council Tax is being calculated.

If after ‘disregarding’ the School Leaver there is only one adult left in the property then a 25% Council Tax Discount will be applied. If all of the other adults in the property are also ‘disregarded’ (for whatever reason) a 50% Council Tax Discount would be applied to the property (In some cases an exemption may apply).