How much council tax do I have to pay ?

By | August 22, 2017

Council Tax is charge which varies depending on the location of the property, it’s value and your personal circumstances. It can be confusing at times but LGFA92 are here to help you.

Bands and Location

Each residential dwelling is issued with its own Council Tax band by the Valuation Office Agency. The Valuation Office Agency are independent of the Local Authority and solely responsible for the property band.

The amount of Council Tax you pay for each band is set by every Local Authority, based on their individual financial needs, so it can even vary for property in the same street if they fall under different Local Authorities. You can find the full charge for each Council Tax band by checking with your Local Authority or on this site.

Discount and Exemptions

Each Council Tax charge that is due may also be reduced by a range of Council Tax discounts and exemptions which are based on their particular circumstances. A person may also be eligible to Council Tax Support (formerly Council Tax Benefit) or, in addition to any other reductions, to claim a Section 13A discretionary discount.

Council Tax Liability

A person should also make sure that they are person who is legally responsible for paying the Council Tax charge, the ‘liable person’. It’s always best to make sure you don’t end up paying a Council Tax charge which is not yours to pay.

Advice & Assistance from LGFA92

Good quality help with your Council Tax¬†dispute can be hard to come across – there’s a lack of independent, expert, places where you can get the help you need however LGFA92 are here to change that. See how we can help today

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This article is solely the view of LGFA92, the Council Tax experts, based on our interpretation of legislation. Your local authority is free to dispute this view. A binding decision may require the intervention of a valuation tribunal.