I’ve moved out, do I have to pay Council Tax ?

By | June 27, 2017

moved outWhen a person moves out of a property they may not always cease to be liable for the Council Tax charge, You may receive demands from the local authority for payment however you need to make sure you are being correctly charged..

I’ve moved out but I’ve received a Council Tax notification!

Council Tax charges are calculated on a daily basis and have to take in to account the circumstances on that particular day. For any day on which you are not resident in a property then you will potentially cease being liable for any Council Tax charge due on that property. What you should do though is make sure that any Council Tax liability is correct so you’re not paying something which isn’t yours.

Just because you’ve moved out of a property does not mean that you cannot be liable for the Council Tax charge, you can be liable on more than one property.

If you have moved out and ;

  • The property has been left unoccupied
    If you are the owner then you will remain liable for the Council Tax charge. If you are the tenant then you may not cease being liable on vacation, it depends on the position regarding your tenancy agreement.
  • The property still has an occupier
    If you have vacated a property, and you have no intention to return, then you will not remain liable for the Council Tax charge if another adult remains resident. If this person moves out then you may become liable for the Council Tax charge at that point, depending on the exact situation.

What should I do ?

You should always keep the local authority updated of any changes but if you have been billed for any Council Tax charges for which you are not liable then you need to contact the local authority as soon as possible. Until you have notified them,and they have made a new determination then you will remain liable.

But the council have taken enforcement action against me !

The same situation as above applies, you need to contact the local authority as soon as possible. Until they receive proof that you are not liable then they can continue to take any enforcement action against you. If, after reviewing the Council Tax liability,  you still remain liable for a period of time then they can continue to take enforcement action in respect of that reduced period.

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