How do I appeal a Council Tax dispute to a Valuation Tribunal ?

By | September 1, 2017

valuation tribunal appealHow do I appeal a Council Tax dispute to a Valuation Tribunal ?

If you have a Council Tax dispute and you are unable to come to an agreement with the Local Authority then the Valuation Tribunal Service is there to help you. LGFA92’s specialist Council Tax paralegal can assist.

As an independent body the Valuation Tribunal Service, rather than the Valuation Office Agency, offers a route to those who are appealing against a Council Tax decision. The Magistrates’ Court and Local Government Ombudsman are unable to deal with most Council Tax disputes.

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How can LGFA92 help in my Council Tax Valuation Tribunal Appeal ?

LGFA92’s paralegal is a specialist, with more than a decade of experience, in Council Tax and can assist you both before and during the Council Tax Valuation Tribunal appeal process to try to get the best outcome for you.

In order to make a valid appeal there is a formal route which must be followed – failure to do so can result in a case being thrown out by the Valuation Tribunal. Due to these potential pitfalls, and the amount of money which can be involved, we would suggest that you always ensure that you take professional advice to maximise your chance of getting the decision you want. We understand Council Tax legislation and can draft disputes and appeals for you.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you in your appeal process.

How and when do I make a Council Tax appeal to the Valuation Tribunal ?

Before appealing to the Valuation Tribunal you must allow the Local Authority up to 2 months to consider your dispute as part of the statutory process. You must advise them in writing that you wish to proceed with a Council Tax appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if you don’t get a satisfactory outcome. Before taking a case to a Valuation Tribunal appeal it’s always best to try to resolve the issue first, LGFA92’s specialist Council Tax paralegal can assist with this, but if you can’t resolve it then LGFA92 can also assist with the Valuation Tribunal process.

Where possible you should always try to resolve the situation outside of a Valuation Tribunal Appeal but that’s not always possible and therefore you should ensure that you keep an eye on the process as incorrectly made and ‘out of time’ appeals can be rejected by the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Once you have given the Local Authority the statutory time to consider the dispute then you can formally appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if they either don’t respond within the 2 months or they don’t give you an answer that you are happy with.

What types of Council Tax appeals can go to a Valuation Tribunal  ?

The Valuation Tribunal can hear appeals on most Council Tax issues – discounts, liability, exemptions etc. – however they are not able to deal with appeals over any court or enforcement action which has been taken or any disputes over whether the Local Authority have acted reasonably or not. The Valuation Tribunal Service can also hear appeals regarding Section 13A relief applications.

Is a Council Tax appeal to a Valuation Tribunal a final decision ?

The Valuation Tribunal appeal decision is binding on the Local Authority as a decision however if either side is unhappy with the outcome of the appeal they do have the potential of bringing a High Court case.  The High Court can overrule a Valuation Tribunal appeal decision – High Court appears are uncommon but due occur in a small number of cases.

Is the Valuation Tribunal free to use ?

The Valuation Tribunal is free to use but it’s easy to get out of your depth when it comes to legislation and case-law so many people opt to obtain some assistance at their own cost to maximise their chance of winning.

Get Expert Advice & Assistance from LGFA92

Good quality help with your Council Tax dispute can be hard to come across – there’s a lack of independent, expert, places where you can get the help you need however LGFA92’s specialist Council Tax paralegal advisor is here to change that.

This website is solely the view of LGFA92, the Council Tax specialists , based on our interpretation of legislation. Your local authority is free to dispute this view. A binding decision may require the intervention of a valuation tribunal.