How do I appeal / dispute a Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) ?

By | December 26, 2017

Council Tax worriesDisputing a Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) is something that can easily be done if you don’t agree with any of the details shown on the notice. How you dispute the notice however differs depending on what the particular issue is. A person is often told to immediately appeal a Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) that they don’t agree with however there is an easy step by step process that you should take in order to correctly dispute the Council Tax charge and to try and resolve the problem.

How do I dispute a Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) ?

 Step 1)
Double check the details and make sure that the Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) is actually wrong. The Local Authority must follow a specific legislative process and it’s not always obvious to the lay person why they are being held liable for the Council Tax charge.¬† It can become very expensive so LGFA92 can often intervene and assist you.

Step 2)
Once you are clear on the specific issue(s) that you are disputing then you should contact the Local Authority directly to discuss resolving it amicably – you can skip to Step 3 but this stage is recommended. You should give them details of the exact issue you are disputing and why, if you provide evidence and the specific legislation to back up your dispute then it will assist. More issues occur due to the lay person using the wrong terminology or not understanding Council Tax legislation than anything else but if you are confident the Local Authority are wrong then you can jump straight to the next stage.

How do I appeal a Council Tax Bill (Demand Notice) ?

Step 3)
If you have not received a satisfactory response from the Local Authority or you want to skip Step 2 then you can inform them in writing that you wish to appeal to a Valuation Tribunal – even if you’ve already contacted the Local Authority to discuss the matter previously you must still use this step before an appeal can go ahead. You should formally write to the Local Authority, inform them of your dispute and ask for a formal response from them as to whether they accept or reject your argument – they up to have 2 months to reply.

Step 4)
If you’ve not received a satisfactory response from the Local Authority or they haven’t responded to your notice under Step 3 then you can contact the Valuation Tribunal Service and launch a formal Council Tax Valuation Tribunal appeal. If an appeal is launched without having gone through the correct process then it can be rejected by the Valuation Tribunal.

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This article is solely the view of LGFA92, the Council Tax experts, based on our interpretation of legislation. Your local authority is free to dispute this view. A binding decision may require the intervention of a valuation tribunal.