Council Tax Quick Assistance

If you simply need some advice on Council Tax then our ‘Quick Assistance‘ service is the one for you. No expensive hourly charge and we can often get you a full reply within 48 hours !. We’ve previously saved people over £250 per year. Contact us for a quote.

Once you’ve told us your problem and provided us with any extra information we will provide a customised letter which lays out out opinion in respect of your position under Council Tax legislation, using relevant Case Law and Valuation Tribunal decisions. This letter can then be passed on to your Local Authority if you wish in order to further your case.

Sample letterIn addition to laying out our opinion we also provide relevant information regarding your options for appealing to the Local Government Ombudsman or Valuation Tribunal. We may also provide information on a Section 13A discretionary write-off. Why not contact us today for further help.

Sample Case:
Mr Smith had moved in to a property where he rented a room from the owner, who also lived in the house. The owner of the property duly contacted the Local Authority and advised them that Mr Smith was resident.

The Local Authority amended the Council Tax charge due on the property and removed the owners 25% Single Person Discount. To make up for the loss of this reduction Mr Smith agreed to pay the owner the equivalent.

After Mr Smith contacted us we established that he was, in fact, only living at the property from Monday to Friday as he worked nearby and he had a family home some distance away where he lived the rest of the time.

We helped Mr Smith by issuing him with a letter laying out our opinion and advising that in our opinion, under Council Tax legislation, he was not resident at the property and should not be counted when the Council Tax was being calculated. This meant that the owner was still entitled to his 25% Single Person Discount and Mr Smith no longer had to pay the extra amount to the owner. This saved approximately £250 per year ! Contact us for a quote.

Assistance from LGFA92

This article is solely the view of LGFA92 based on our interpretation of legislation. Your local authority is free to dispute this view. A binding decision may require the intervention of a valuation tribunal.

For further, written, assistance on this matter we’d be happy to provide a quote.

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