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Council Tax liability for landlords

Council Tax liability for landlords can be a confusing issue however there are a few simple considerations which can ensure that the Council Tax liability has been correctly determined and you are not caught out with any large, backdated, Council Tax demand. What is Council Tax liability ? Liability is the term used to describe… Read More »

Council Tax and Valuation Tribunals

Although day to day determinations on Council Tax are made by your Local Authority theses decisions are able to be challenged. You do not have to accept it and the Valuation Tribunal Service provide a route by which this can be done. Who are the Valuation Tribunal Service ? The Valuation Tribunal Service are a… Read More »

How much council tax do I have to pay ?

Council Tax is charge which varies depending on the location of the property, it’s value and your personal circumstances. It can be confusing at times but LGFA92 are here to help you. Bands and Location Each residential dwelling is issued with its own Council Tax band by the Valuation Office Agency. The Valuation Office Agency… Read More »