Excellent Council Tax help is hard to get


 Expert help with your Council Tax dispute can be very difficult to come across – there’s always been a lack of independent, expert, places where you can get the help you need however LGFA92 are here to change that. Using our expert Council Tax knowledge we can assist and guide you through your Council Tax… Read More »

English Council Tax arrears now top £2.8 billion


 Latest government figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government, published on 28 June 2017, show that Council Tax arrears for England  now top £2.8 billion. Record Arrears The latest figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government show that Council Tax arrears up to 01 April 2017 are now estimated to have reached… Read More »

I’ve moved out, do I have to pay Council Tax ?


 When a person moves out of a property they may not always cease to be liable for the Council Tax charge, You may receive demands from the local authority for payment however you need to make sure you are being correctly charged.. I’ve moved out but I’ve received a Council Tax notification! Council Tax charges… Read More »