Landlord’s Council Tax liability on tenanted property

Landlords are subject to the standard Council Tax rules regarding liability and payment however there are occasionally some extra rules which can apply and for which landlords needs to be aware. Council Tax for tenanted properties Where a landlord rents out a property then the tenant of the property is usually liable for the Council… Read More »

Council Tax and Valuation Tribunals

Although day to day determinations on Council Tax are made by your Local Authority theses decisions are able to be challenged. You do not have to accept it and the Valuation Tribunal Service provide a route by which this can be done. Who are the Valuation Tribunal Service ? The Valuation Tribunal Service are a… Read More »

How do I appeal my Council Tax charge to a Valuation Tribunal ?

If you have a Council Tax dispute or problem and you are unable to come to a mutual agreement with the Local Authority then the Valuation Tribunal Service is there to help you. As an independent body the Valuation Tribunal Service, rather than the Valuation Office Agency, offer a formal Council Tax appeal route to… Read More »